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Austrade mission

дээр 4 сар 7, 2014

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AUSTMINE Mongolia Mission 2014

Austmine in association with Austrade invites you to join the mining mission to Mongolia, 26 – 30 May 2014 that will include meetings with Mongolia’s leading mining companies in Ulaanbaatar and site visit to the country’s largest operations – Oyu Tolgoi copper/gold mine.

Over 100 Australian firms work in Mongolia in the mining and related sectors according to Austrade’s statistics. This mission will be an excellent opportunity to visit Mongolia and first-hand experience and learn about the developments in the mining sector, meet your peers, network with relevant stakeholders in the business. Meetings with mining companies will include Oyu Tolgoi/Rio Tinto, Erdenet Mining Corporation , Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, Mongolyn Alt Corporation, Energy Resources, South Gobi Sands.

Austmine and Austrade will also organise a series of briefings with legal, financial, accounting and business advisors on how to do business in Mongolia as an exporter or how to best establish presence in the market. Companies interested in working in Mongolia, timing could be better to tap in the wealth of project opportunities in the country – refer to attached presentation.

Proposed agenda:



Sunday 25 May

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar

Monday 26 May

Market briefing on Mongolia

Meetings with Mongolian mining companies

Tuesday 27 May

Meetings with Mongolian mining companies

Australian Cocktail Reception

Wednesday 28 May

Departure for Oyu Tolgoi Mine

Site visit Day 1

Thursday 29 May

Site visit Day 2

Return to Ulaanbaatar

Friday 30 May

Additional meetings with mining companies and opportunity to set up individual meetings.


For more information see attached mission flyer, visit or contact:

Robert Trzebski

Executive Officer


Suite 206, 80 William Street | Sydney NSW 2011 | Australia

PO Box A2572 | Sydney South NSW 1235 | Australia

P: +61 2 9357 4660 | F: +61 2 8354 0992


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